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Psychodrame is a Nordic freeform hack of the playtest version of an unpublished French indie game.

It’s all about sitting at a cafe and staring silently at each other while puffing a Gauloise. It’s about giving each other French looks that speak volumes, and about not quite being able to confront your own feelings.

Think about movies made by Agnès Varda, Jean-Luc Godard, Éric Rohmer, Jacques Rivette or Claude Chabrol. Black and white movies with few characters, a lot of ambiance, slow scenes and a lot of dialogs.

Psychodrame offers freeform rules, with characters class named riddles.

2-5 players
4 - 6 hours
No prep
Best for short campaigns

A game made by my good friend Simon Pettersson. You can see more of his games on this website : https://urverkspel.com/

Psychodrame is a hack of another amazing French game, Les Cordes Sensibles by Frédéric Sintes. Simon loves the first playtest versions of this game and played a lot of Psychodrame games in Swedish RPG conventions for 10 years. 

You can find the French version of Les Cordes Sensibles on Frédéric's website : https://www.limbicsystemsjdr.com/boutique/les-cordes-sensibles/

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